Toolbox for generic NGS analyses

Dear Biologist, have you ever dreamed of using the whole power of those numerous NGS tools that your bioinformatician colleagues use through this awful list of command line?
Dear Bioinformatician, have you ever guess how to design really fastly a new NGS pipeline without having to retype again dozens of code lines to readapt your scripts or starting from scratch?

So, be Happy! TOGGLe is for you!!

Quick Manual

How to cite TOGGLe !

TOGGLe, a flexible framework for easily building complex workflows and performing robust large-scale NGS analyses..Christine Tranchant-Dubreuil, Sebastien Ravel, Cecile Monat, Gautier Sarah, Abdoulaye Diallo, Laura Helou, Alexis Dereeper, Ndomassi Tando, Julie Orjuela-Bouniol, François Sabot


TOGGLe was presented at JOBIM 2018 in poster session.